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source navigator NG is a source code analysis tool.
with it, you can edit your source code, display relationships between classes and functions and members, and display call trees.

you can navigate your source code and easily get to declarations or implementations of functions, variables and macros (commonly called "symbols") which helps you discovering and mapping unknown source code for enhancement or maintenance tasks.

source navigator NG is free software and released under the GPL v2.
it is based upon the old source navigator and strives to improve usability and performance.

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the nineth stable version NG4.5 has been released.
we usually release binary versions for linux (32bit) and windows (win32_ 32bit) _ but SN is known to build on solaris_ OS X_ HP-UX and others.

currently the java browser is broken for 1_5 and 1_6 code_ and OS X suffers from a bad malloc().

core developers are welcome _ please apply.



in NG1 some fixes and enhancements (clearcase) were done
in NG2 the artwork was completely reworked _ plus the usual small fixes and enhancements
in NG3 the database library was updated to db4 which greatly improves performance
in NG4 php now fully supports v4 classes, the look was modernized and win32 building is supported out of the box _ plus the usual small fixes and enhancements
in NG4.1 a few bugs re_ tcl and X were fixed, plus some php v5 updates
in NG4.2 the "can't save modified files" bug was fixed _ plus a rare tcl interpreter dump
in NG4.3 db4 was updated to 4.8.30 and a db optimization tool was added _ plus the usual small fixes and enhancements
in NG4.4 a new feature to selectively remove nodes (refers to, referred from) from the xrefpane was added
in NG4.5 disabling xref actually works and a few Emacs enhancements were added
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